What is financial clearance?

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For every student, financial clearance means selecting and completing a Financial Plan in Registration Central. When this step has been completed, a green check mark will appear in the Financial Plan box. Financial clearance is necessary to confirm classes and activate ID cards for the Andrews University Bookstore and Dining Services. Students living in the residence halls will need to be financially cleared before they are able to move into their dormitory rooms. 

Financial clearance can mean different things to different students. For some, it may mean creating a Payment Plan in TouchNet® and making a down payment. Important: Be sure to click on the Payment Plans tab BEFORE making your down payment.

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For others, it will mean making sure that they have all of their financial aid in place to cover their semester expenses. Sponsored students or students receiving Educational Allowance will need to make sure that their sponsorship or subsidy is documented in our office.

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Aren't Financial Aid & Financial Clearance the same?

Financial aid and financial clearance are NOT the same. If you are planning to use financial aid to help cover expenses, financial clearance can only be completed AFTER your financial aid package is completed. This will include all required paperwork; loans accepted or declined, entrance counseling, and Master Promissory Notes signed. We encourage students to complete their financial aid requirements at least one month before they need to financially clear. If you do not have a completed financial aid package, Registration Central will ask you to pay at least 55% of your out-of-pocket expenses to financially clear.


Spring Financial Clearance opens December 1.

Classes dropped for those without clearance.

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